Ruth Bader Gilbert


Oxford Arts Week 2011
May 21, 22 and 28, 29
8 Portland Road
Oxford OX2 7EY




The portrait of Colin Dexter by Ruth Bader Gilbert was on display during the launch of his new book 'Cracking Cryptic Crosswords' in Nov. 2009


Colin Dexter, 2009



From the article in Oxford Times June 2007
Exhibition of Portrait sculpture: Faces of Oxfordshire, Turrill Sculpture Garden, 14th June - 8th Sept 2007

"...Some sculptures, though, were made from the living model, and in my view it showed. there was an inner strength and solidity which impressed, whether or not one knew or had known the character. Ruth Bader Gilbert stood out here. Her depiction of Sir Richard Doll, furrowed and concentrated, and of photographer Helen Muspratt's strong, direct searching look, were perhaps the most impressive of the show..."

Jeannine Alton, Oxford Times